Intel Optane Memory 16GB, M.2 80mm PCIe 3.0, 20nm, 3D Xpoint

Product Code: Intel Optane 16GB
Price Updated On: 19 Apr, 2019
This game-changing technology intelligently accelerates new 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based systems while affordably maintaining mega-storage capacity, to deliver a responsive computer experience with short boot times, fast application launches, extraordinary gaming, and responsive browsing.
  • Sequential Read (up to) 900 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to) 145 MB/s
  • Pair with a SATA HDD to affordably increase responsiveness
  • Smart System Acceleration
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A smart and adaptable system accelerator that customizes your computing experience, unleashing high-performance responsiveness while affordably maintaining mega-storage capacity.



Smart System Acceleration

Optimize your 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based system with Intel® Optane™ memory, a smart and adaptable system accelerator that adjusts to your computing tasks–increasing system responsiveness and performance. Its intelligent software automatically learns your computing behaviors to accelerate frequent tasks and customize your computer experience, making everything you do noticeably faster, smoother and easier.



Uncompromised Capacity

A high-capacity SATA storage device, like an HDD, coupled with Intel® Optane™ memory offers the best of both worlds. High-speed acceleration and affordable, large storage capacity enable you to quickly and easily access frequently used files and applications so you can launch large projects quickly and stay on task.



Amazing Responsiveness

Intel® Optane™ memory in your new 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based system delivers amazing responsiveness so you can start up quickly, search and find files up to 4 times faster6,7,8 and save large files with virtually no lag. Experience up to 5.8 times faster email application launch4,5,6,8, and rev up your gameplay with an up to 67% improvement in loading the next level.3,7,8,9



How it works: Intel®Optane™ Memory

Learn how Intel® Optane™ memory and intelligent system acceleration work to deliver higher performance and responsiveness without compromising storage capacity.


Easy Installation:


Get your Intel® Optane™ memory module and Intel® Optane™ memory-ready board.


Insert the memory module into the board and reboot.


Update BIOS and drivers and install them on your system.

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