Manhattan Capacitive Stylus Pen - Model Number: 404617

Product Code: 404617
Brand: Miscellaneous
Price Updated On: 22 Nov, 2017
• Touchscreen, Stylus, Silver
• Dual-function design allows use as a stylus or a pen
• Ultraresponsive capacitive stylus that works with all capacitive screens
• Scratch-resistant tip reduces screen smudges and fingerprints
• Refillable ink cartridge
• Easily portable and lightweight
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Warranty: 3-Year
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Capacitive Stylus Pen

Touchscreen, Stylus, Silver
Model Number: 404617
Manhattan's Capacitive Stylus Pen will keep your touchscreen free of fingerprints, smudges and oils as it gives precise control over any touchscreen operation. Excellent for drawing, sketching, gaming and photo-editing applications, or any other use where you need a finer degree of precision than your finger can offer. With the soft rubber tip, you need not worry about the touch sensitivity. The pen takes replaceable ballpoint pen ink refills and has a clip that can attach to a shirt pocket, pants pocket or the side of a tablet case.

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