Synology 4-Bay DiskStation DS423 (Diskless)

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Brand: Synology
Price Updated On: 06 Mar, 2024
Versatile data management platform for work and more.
  • 4-Bay; 2GB DDR4
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Data sharing made easy
  • Versatile video surveillance
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DiskStation DS423

Versatile data management platform for work and more

Secure cloud storage

Flexibly store up to 72 TB of data 1 with 100% ownership and enjoy multi-platform access from anywhere.

Data sharing made easy

Safely share files and media over your private cloud for easier collaboration and better productivity.

Versatile video surveillance

Leverage intuitive surveillance tools to protect your premises and store footage from up to 30 IP cameras. 2

Create a private cloud hub for your data

Import and sync data scattered across PCs, Macs, phones, and external storage devices to implement well-organized file management for your business.*

Multi-device access

Browse, access, edit, and share files securely and conveniently via desktop, mobile, or web browser platforms. Use intuitive admin tools to track and set file permissions and control access to documents, files, and other data.

On-demand sync

Save space on your personal devices by only synchronizing the files you need from your Synology system. Pin frequently accessed files for convenient offline accessibility.

Cloud integration

Sync your private storage servers with public cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. Retain local copies of your cloud data for centralized management and data ownership. Learn more

Cross-platform sharing

Build a private data cloud that syncs and shares files swiftly between multiple storage servers, letting everyone access the same set of data at their convenience.

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