Bloody A60 Light Strike Neon Gaming Mouse (Ultra Core 3 and 4 Activated)

Product Code: 4711421919159
Brand: A4Tech
Price Updated On: 15 Jun, 2024
The BLOODY mouse devices are characterised by a unique design, use of state-of-the-art technologies and materials of the highest quality. Thanks to those properties, they are top-of-the-range devices even for the most demanding players.
  • 6 Sniper Modes
  • 3 Shooting Modes in Left Button
  • Infrared-Wheel
  • Click Response Less 0.2 ms
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Click Response Less 0.2 ms

Without any traditional metal bouncing noise. Performs extreme 0.2ms light speed response with over 20 million clicks lifespan!


Infrared-Wheel can turn millions of times in its lifespan, and be actuated with the exact same precision as a mouse button.

3 Shooting Modes on Left Button

Use "1, N, 3" keys to shift 3 shooting modes and boost up firepower instantly.

6200 CPI

Adjustable resolution 1000/1200/1600/2000/6200 CPI.

No Double-Click

The output is zero-bouncing, which improves the metal switch double-click issue.

6 Sniper Modes

Instant upgrade sniping techniques by applying 6 powerful sniping modes.

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