Razer Pro Glide Soft Mouse Mat For Productivity - RZ02-03331500-R3M1

Product Code: RZ02-03331500-R3M1
Brand: Razer
Price Updated On: 27 Jan, 2022
Boost your productivity by optimizing your workspace with the Razer Pro Glide—a soft mouse mat designed to give you a higher degree of mouse control for the task at hand, and made of thick, high-density rubber foam that is as durable as it is comfortable to use.
  • Thick, high-density rubber foam
  • Textured micro-weave cloth surface
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Where comfort meets control
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  • Constant comfort and control: with a thickness of 3 mm, it provides a cushioning effect on your hand and provides a solid base for the mouse during work. It is also strong enough to withstand prolonged use.
  • Fast and precise must movements: the smooth surface of the mat allows wide and fast gestures and is optimised to ensure accurate detection with all mouse sensors.
  • Press firmly: the rubber base is reinforced with a special adhesive fabric that keeps the mat calm on your desk and prevents accidental movement during use.
  • Increase productivity by optimizing your workspace with the Razer Pro Glide: a soft mouse pad that gives you a higher level of control and is made from thick, high density rubber foam that is both durable and comfortable to use.
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